V-88 CNAL Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) Renovation




Mig Project #:



Naval Station Norfolk
Norfolk, VA



Project Description

MIG GOV was selected and awarded a contract from Naval Station Norfolk to provide “Early Contractor Engagement” for the successful completion of this high visibility and profile project for NAVFAC. This Early Contractor involvement allowed MIG GOV to be engaged during the beginning of the design process to provide input and guide the design towards efficient construction. This program is part of the Pilot Program through NAVFAC MidLant for NavAir. Their mission centers around fighter mission readiness and this project is considered mission critical and of the highest priority.


This project was a complete gut renovation of a second story 8,400 SF administrative space on the east side of Building V-88 which was built prior to WWII and constructed of concrete post and beam type construction.


Demolition consisted of removal of all existing FFE and a complete gut back to the original walls. After removal of the renovated space, the existing structure consisted of AB mastic, floor tiles, insulation, and lead paint. All hazardous materials were removed and the new structural framing and MEP rough-in could commence. Heavy gauge metal stud framing provided the backdrop for MEP rough-in activities consisting of completely new systems for Electrical, VAV Mechanical System, Plumbing, Sewer, Wet and Electronic Fire Protection, DDC System, Low Voltage Cabling and Fiber Optics and ESS System with Card Readers. The HVAC and lighting systems were constructed utilizing Green Building principals for energy efficiency.


The new interior space design consists of new modern glass office spaces designed with STC ratings, kitchen / break room area, and a modern conference room. Each of the 10 workspaces contain interconnected eighty-five inch (85”) monitors thru a Crestron Touch Screen system for state of the art computing, teleconferencing, and information sharing.


A SCIF room was incorporated along with server rooms for data management. The entire facility was elevated using Access Flooring while maintaining the STC and SCIF ratings under the flooring system. Finally, a break area with built in coffee makers and other automated devices was implemented for employee comfort.

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