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Established in 2013, MIG GOV has received excellent feedback from our clients in our construction management approach. Our business model and company mantra is “Service-Oriented Mission-Driven” and is based in the fundamentals of military operation in regards to service, organization, quality control and client centric quality assurance which makes the client’s needs our number one priority.

MIG GOV offers a thorough construction management experience – our personnel are prepared to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from start to finish, while providing the owner with a product that has the most beneficial schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope and function to fulfill their needs. Throughout a project lifecycle, the project management team applies business process analysis to the management of projects to ensure the project remains on schedule, on budget, and runs efficiently and safely. The project management team also implements numerous tools and techniques for improving construction performance, from risk management and a best value, through supply chain management and quality assurance. Furthermore, at the center of the construction project management process is the use of information and communication technologies to maintain stakeholder, team, and corporate situational awareness.

Our project managers, while experienced in their fields, are always ready to learn and take on new projects. The construction industry is consistently advancing and changing, and MIG GOV encourages their team to be persistent in pursuing industry knowledge through in-field experience and compliment experience with certified courses. Our construction management approach is one that you can depend on.

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