Decommission Electric Lines



Mig Project #:



Richmond, VA


USACE, Norfolk District Office

Project Description

Approximately 3.2 miles of existing primary electrical feeders were identified to be underutilized or will become underutilized as base renovations move forward. This project focused on removing the underutilized primary feeders, as well as the associated poles and transformers, which were no longer needed, along with moving primary overhead electrical feeders to underground conduits.


A phasing plan was also required to not disrupt existing facility mission, and outages were coordinated directly with the USACE


Primary feeders along the perimeter fence and interior roadways, which only serve lighting and cameras, were removed. New secondary circuits were provided for the lights and cameras, which remained functional during construction.


Other lines, such as CCTV or Communications lines, were present on the existing poles which required significant coordination and HDD to install the existing lines into underground conduits. Finally, the project required handling and disposal of PCD transformers and other hazardous materials.


This project was of high complexity as well as required phasing plans to accomplish the project. This project was completed ahead of schedule for the USACE and the DSCR Richmond facility.


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